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October: The View from Here

  From the Winnie Brave monthly newsletter. Click here to subscribe by email. Howdy friends! And just like that, we're smack-dab in the middle of fall. Most mornings I find myself reaching for my wool socks and the evening light is beginning to show itself a little more with each passing day. Our September tour was a party-and-a-half, and if you made your way out to one of the shows we thank you immensely. This month is the last of the Montana shows until next May, which is always bittersweet. There's a little sign we drive by on our way North to the border that says "Leaving Montana" and it makes my heart pang a little every time we pass by it.  In personal news, we sold our house and it closes at the end of this month. I'm still processing all. the. feels. These four plastered walls have been our shelter and comfort for the past 4.5 years, and the most  at-home  I've ever felt. I remember the night we first pulled into the yard from the 12-hour drive from Br

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