December: The View from Here


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Hello friend!
We have arrived in Texas after a few weeks on the road. We spent a lovely week in Wyoming and the beauty of that state gets me in the gut every time. One of my favorite places is the wee town of Saratoga, which is located about an hour east of Laramie. While the town is quaint and quiet, and the campground is located on the shores of the lake; the best part is the free Hobo Hot Spring pool. Yes, free. And it's open 24-hours for your soaking delight. We always make a point to stop in Saratoga on our migration south, but this year we spent a whole week. It was glorious (and soothing).

Waking up to that view every morning never got old. Ugh, that sky!

After leaving big sky country we meandered our way further south across the high plains until the endless cotton fields engulfed us from either side of the highway. Rows upon rows of fluffy bolls resembling freshly fallen snow. The fall harvest was in full swing, as giant combines combed the fields before carting off their bounty to the county gin. We had officially arrived in Texas.

We spent a glorious week with friends in Katy. Birdie and Margo revelled in having a large yard to run in, while Brad and I took pleasure in the comfortable surroundings and large shower. 

As I write this, we're making our way further south to South Padre Island where we will hang our hats until the first week of March. A whole season on the gulf!

I hope these past few weeks have been good to you, and may the weeks to come be filled with joy. Also, how are we less than one month until Christmas?! Time to bust out the moose mugs and get into the spirits... I mean, spirit.

Until next month,
Amy and Brad
(and Birdie & Margo)


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