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We played our final Canadian show yesterday, quite fitting it was in our hometown. The folks that gathered, filled the small theatre with joy and laughter and it was a lovely afternoon. Stories were told, sandwiched amongst small-town jokes and our deepest gratitude for this town and the people who make it home. After the show, everyone gathered at the Community Hall for the roast beef supper that happens every month; 4:30pm on the dot, long tables with silver chaffing dishes filled to the brim with mashed potatoes, glazed cut carrots, a small side of corn and a trough of thinly-sliced roast beef. A host of volunteers buzzing around the kitchen, topping up the gravy and preparing the dessert – heaping bowls of trifle with rainbow sprinkles and whipped cream. What I love about this town, is how time seems to have stopped – right at the golden age of nostalgia, somewhere between 1977 and 1987. We joined our 49th Ave Social Club friends and demolished our full plates, sopping up the excess gravy with the bottom-side of a dinner roll and toiled over the decision to belly-up for seconds. The hall quickly began to clear out at 5:30pm – folks 'round here don't seem to linger too long after the supper is over, and as the volunteers rounded up the last of the soiled dishes with their push carts, we gathered our coats and slowly made our way to the door.
We all walked together down the street, marvelling at the house on the corner smattered with every kind of Christmas light imageable - strung in random places between the tree, a stray ladder in the yard and the house. As we approached our door, hugs were shared and wishes of safe travels and Merry Christmas's exchanged – these folks who we became so lucky to have as neighbours, quickly became our family.

Today we head out on the road for our annual pilgrimage through the US southwest. We're excited to get back on the road (and to escape the cold and snow). Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana - we's comin' for ya! This will be the first long-haul in the new van, Butter. We'll see how we manage and if Brad and I are still talking to each other by March... February if we're lucky, hahaha.

I'll try and get on here and update from the road, I know it's been quiet around these parts for some time. We'll see ya soon, take care and a little water in the whiskey is a beautiful thing (thanks Vern :).



  1. Hey you two, we (the neighbours and proud participants in the 49 AVE Social Club) are the fortunate ones -- you've come to the village and brightened up our lives with your smiles, stories, amazing musical talents (of which you have many) and fresh perspectives about a wee prairie town that, indeed, time seems to have passed by. Love it! We will be watching and waiting to hear your installments on the road, thinking of you (and Winnie too) and wishing you all the best as you wend your way across the continent.
    A la prochaine!

  2. I love this place already! Glad you guys are enjoying your new digs! Great name choice for your van too! Happy Holidays Tim and Jana xo

  3. Yay! Finally, a long-awaited-for update :).
    What a wonderful "send off" from your beautiful hometown family. Your words (and wit!) paint such a clear snapshot that never fails to entertain and also helps to minimize our distance.
    Keep 'em coming (including photos from the road)!
    Wishing you, Brad and Winnie happy travels, good fortune and awe-inspiring moments along the way.
    Mom xox

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