When it rains...

Saturday was cloudy and grey. The kind of day when one could simply curl up on the couch and watch Best in Show. Or perhaps give in to ones suppressed Kijiji-surfing addiction and see what was new in the RV section. The latter is exactly what I did. I was determined to find another viable option in the hunt for our new (roving) home.

It wasn’t until I was at least 16 pages deep, when I found it.
I may be so bold as to say this beats out The Brave (and that’s saying plenty-some).


What the what?!
How did I not know that Airstream made a drivable version of their iconic trailer? (Bob Ross would surely love to paint such a sight – just look at that happy little Airstream amongst those happy little trees.)

I showed B – Brad, not Bob.
He was sold, no contest. (His actual words were “That’s what I’m talking about, mm-hm” – as he proceeded to drive a pretend bus)

The downside is the rarity of this majestic creature. After reading up on various Airstream afficinado forums, it seems these beauts are few and far between and can be quite pricy (rightfully so). I’ve got my fingers crossed that one will become available when the time comes (and that it won’t break the bank, and that it was owned by a lovely older couple who were border-line obsessive about its maintenance and up-keep). 


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