Places to Play – live music


While we are off cruising the country and sowing our wild oats, we're hoping to off-set our costs by picking up a few gigs along the way. I have a feeling this is going to be a huge project – researching places that offer live music (with pay). If you happen to have any suggestions, have a connection at a great place or perhaps would be interested in hosting a house concert, we'd be extremely grateful to hear from you. We're focusing mainly on the West coast of Canada and the US for the majority of the trip, but we will have to make our way East at some point. We do plan on hitting up Florida for a little while too before making our way up the coast to head home. So, if you've got some info, shout it out!

As this trip won't include the whole band (sorry fellas), we'll be playing as an acoustic duo (singer/songwriter/folky kinda stuff). Here's a link to our stuff if you'd care to lend your ear.

Many thanks!


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