Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

The Beard likes options.
He likes to have his choices laid out on the table, then carefully considers each of them, making mental pro and con lists for each.

I, on the other hand, operate purely on impulse and emotion.
Needless to say, my rose-colored dream of driving around the country in what B refers to as "the beer fridge" is feeling slightly threatened. 
But I'm not one to simply concede. I've taken the liberty of presenting B with some bread-winning options.

So without further adieu....
To be perfectly honest, this isn't a level playing field. First off, I've included The Brave (aka the beer fridge, aka the ice cream truck). And secondly, the awesomely-fantastic Isuzu Elf (3rd) isn't even available over here in Canada (although, there is a company in BC that will import them from Japan - for a small fee of course). So really, the only other option is the Winnebago/Toyota-hybrid Warrior (which the jury is still out on, I'm not sure if I whole-heartedly enjoy it's 80's-ness).

What can I say, I like to play fair.


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