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At Least the Pizza Was Good

It’s day five of being stranded at the Flying J truck stop just south of the town of Gorman in California. Brad is crushing his was through a roll of electrical tape as he slowly erases the frustrating problems of the past four days. But lets back up shall we, as I bet your just dying to find out how this became our fate.
Late Friday morning we left Paso Robles after a wonderful two shows in the area, life was great and we were on our way to Ojai for another show that evening. We stopped at the McDonalds just before jumping on the I-5 for a breakfast burrito and a shared beer in the parking lot. An hour later we pulled into a highway rest stop to dump the tanks and fill up with fresh water for the next few days. The tank dump was successful and I took Hank and Winnie over to the grass to dump their own tanks. I glanced back at Brad, as he sat in the driver seat and had a puzzling look on his face… “Did you turn on any lights while we were parked?” he called out, to which I reply I ha…

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