Big wheels keep on turnin'

It's 8am and I'm sitting here with a cup of tea and on the front seat of the RV, Winnie is beside me and I can hear Hank whimpering from the bed area (he can't jump down and will continue to pout until I go get him). For the past 4 days we have been staying at the Driftwood RV park just outside of Foley, Alabama (gulf coast area). I've really enjoyed this park. It's certainly not fancy, but the people are super nice and there's a huge open field for Winnie and Hank to run around in, plus we're on the Alabama Scenic Byway which provides some great running trails. Brad has made a new friend at the park – a retired gentleman who always seems to appear whenever Brad has his tools out to fix something. He quite happily parks himself at our picnic table, lights up a cigarette and the gab-fest begins (an East coaster and a Southern man, it really is something to hear). This has been happening at least twice a day since we arrived.

Today we're pulling out of here and heading north for a show in Montgomery tonight at Railyard Brewing. But let's recap for a bit, shall we.

I believe we left each other last just before out show in Bonita Springs, FL. It was a great night at the Momentum Brewhouse. The folks were kind and enjoyed the tunes, the beer was friggin' good and we had front row parking – Winnie was watching us from the driver seat. Many thanks to Lauren for having us and sending us down the road with a full growler of 'Dress Down Brown'.

The next day we pulled into Tallahassee for our show at The Crumbox – what a place! The Crumbox, an old caboose, is located in the middle of an art community which was formed in the old railyard working area of town. There are a bunch of huge old buildings/warehouses that have been converted in galleries, vintage shops, boutiques, cafes and breweries. When we pulled up outside of the Crumbox we were met by a man wearing a blue and white striped conductors cap and a Katz's Delicatessen t-shirt. He immediately shook our hands and introduced himself as Pete (one of the founding partners and the man behind the incredible homemade Italian sausages that are the Crumbox specialty). Beside the restaurant was a large covered patio, filled with picnic tables and throughout the rafters were strings of christmas lights – this was where we played. Pete handed us a few brews and we got set up. It was an intimate show with a handful of folks, but that gave us the opportunity to converse and in the end we made some new friends (hope to see you and the LaSharo on the road one day Veronica). By the time we left that evening we were extremely well fed and happy – it truly was a beauty night.

And so here we are, back to Wednesday morning. It's pouring rain now. Hopefully it eases up soon before we hit the road. That's all I've got for now, time to put the coffee on and get the gits a cookin'!

Big rig mama, signin' off!


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