The Grand Gut (part one of many)

"We can just put up some wallpaper, re-cover the cushions and we'll be ready to go!"
Not. Even. Close.

What started out as a rose-coloured dream has turned into a full-on Holmes on Homes reno.

Here she is folks - Miss Winnie. Our 1976 Winnebago Chieftain. 23-feet of almond-coloured aluminum soon to be chugging up the back roads and northern highways.

Our initial thought when we forked over the three grand to make her ours was to "lightly" freshen her up. But sometimes things don't go according to plan. We knew she needed some new rubber and a roof-redo, and for the most part those are still the big issues with the old girl. But after living in a camper for 3-months, Brad and I knew what was going to work with our potential new home, and what wasn't. So upon a closer inspection we decided to give Miss Winnie an extreme make-over.

I forgot to take photos of the original layout. At some point in the 1980's, the original owners gave Winnie a make-over and re-did all the upholstery, wall paper and kitchen counter tops in a lovely shade of dusty rose.
It really did compliment the abundance of dark wood that was everywhere, and even further off-set the navy blue airplane-grade carpet. Nice. Real. Nice.

Yesterday marked the 3rd day of demo and she's pretty much empty now (except for the shower stall which will be removed when the roof comes off - it sure as hell won't fit through the tiny door).

Here's a peek of the dusty rose upholstery, and the cockpit. The passenger chair is basically a small love seat sofa (the perfect size to accommodate one person and two dogs).
Here's the back section. To the left is where the kitchen was and the bedroom area is in the back.

Across from the kitchen is the 3-piece bath (behind the lovely wood-panel wall).

Here is the bathroom after we removed the walls, and Brad getting ready to rip out the sink cabinet.
More updates to come, stay tuned!


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