Getting ahead of myself

I realize we're a long (looooong) way off from getting the interior of Miss Winnie ready for livin' the high-life, but that won't stop me from dreaming up what she'll look like.

A few weeks ago I won some super-luxe wallpaper from this blog - I nearly shit my pants when I found out I had won. It was a pure and utter coincidence that the giveaway was for the exact wallpaper that I was dreaming about for Miss Winnie, but with a lofty price tag of $125/roll, I was really on the fence about pulling the trigger. Clearly it was meant to be.


So here's what I'm thinking:
For the kitchen cabinets, we're going to use Ikea wall units for the bases. Why wall cabinets, you ask? Since they come in a shallower depth (13" vs 26"), it'll help open up the floor space - making the kitchen/living room feel slightly bigger.

I'm trying to decide whether to go with laminate wood flooring or commercial-grade vinyl tiles. Still on the fence, but I think I'm leaning towards the vinyl tiles. For one, I love the look of a black floor and two, I think the installation will be waaay easier.

I'm going to order this chair from Amazon, hoping it will help create an airy feel - again, trying to make the tiny space feel bigger than it is. Optical illusions, y'all.

The fold-down table is also from Ikea and will be great to tuck-away to open up the space even more. On the other side of the table, we'll be building a bench seat/mini-couch with hopefully lots of comfy pillows (that I'm sure Hank will claim right away).

but alas, there's still so much to do...


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