New Orleans: A Love Story

All it took was half of a block, and I knew I was head over heels for this city. Enter Amy, holding a boom box over her head.

To tell the truth, I never really thought much about visiting New Orleans. Sure, the option always popped to mind whilst daydreaming about being anywhere other than my cubicle, but it was never a serious thing. However, while studying the road map that would eventually lead us back home, all the signs were pointing us to the Big Easy.

Yesterday we devoted the afternoon to exploring the French Quarter. It didn’t seem fair to try and cram everything that Nawlins has to offer into one day. Needless to say, this will be part one of a mini-series.

The bearded one on Bourbon Street. 

Drinking while strolling. Seriously, all cities should adopt this policy.

Fried cat-fish po-boy. It was gone in 3 minutes. Ya, I'm a lady.

 Who ate all my beignets?

Things I learned about the French Quarter:
1) Order more beignets than you think is reasonable. Trust me.
2) A can of Pabst is only $0.92 at the grocery store across from CafĂ© Du Monde (but on Bourbon St it’s $2.75).
3) Devour that fried-catfish po-boy like it’s your job (even if you’re gluten-intolerant gut tells you otherwise)
4) Look up, it’s amazing.


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