Due North

Last Saturday morning we said our goodbyes and packed up from our little plot in Mission and headed north, making the 7 hour drive to Houston. We've settled in (for a few days) just north of the city in an area called the Woodlands. 

The weather is noticeably cooler up here, and I find myself missing the heat (neither Brad nor Hank are complaining). We're only here for a few days and then we plan on heading east towards New Orleans.

Yesterday we played the tourist game and headed out to Old Town Spring for some meandering and such.

The sun was warm and we stuffed our faces with pulled pork nachos, beer and some deep-fried Reese cups. Brad was a satisfied man.

Last night we had the chance to play on one of the coolest stages I have ever seen – The Doesy Doe Music Cafe

Tonight we're heading downtown Houston in pursuit of some open mics. Hopefully lady luck will grace us with her presence a few more times.


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