The Grand Unveil - and then some

Well, it's the first of December today – a long way off from when we started our kitchen reno. The project wrapped up around the second week of October – and what a project it was. Our little kitchen has come leaps and bounds from the dusty rose countertops (see the before shots here).

We bought the cabinets at Ikea and the entire order fit in the back of B's Honda CRV, it was rather impressive. The counter top was sourced locally and was delivered in one piece – just over 22' – we had a hell of a time installing that beast, yet alone just getting it into the kitchen.

In the end, I couldn't be more happy with how everything came together, and am proud that B and I were able to do it ourselves. Go figure now that everything in the house is just how we ever wanted it – we'll be packing up and moving on. C'est la vie.


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