The weekend before Thanksgiving we had the For Sale sign up on the lawn. We decided to try our hand at selling our house privately with Property Guys. After 45 days and only one showing, we decided to hand it over to the local pro's to see if they would have any better luck. A new sign graced our lawn on a Friday morning, and by that afternoon we had our first showing. That evening our agent called us and said that the same people would like to come by again the following day for a second viewing (B and I could barely contain our excitement – and really put our noses to the grindstone polishing up the house for it's second date).
By Saturday evening we had an offer and by 10pm that night, we sold. SOLD! We were beyond excited and in shock. That following week our little house passed it's home inspection with flying colours and the conditions were waived. We agreed on an early closing date of December 17th - and as I sit here this evening, I can't believe that in 2 weeks, this home will be ours no more. It's been a fast 6 years, and so much has changed since we first moved in. I find myself getting a little misty-eyed in moments as I look around this place.

We'll be staying with my mom over the holidays, and hopefully by mid-January we'll be heading south to Texas. Life's next chapter awaits.


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