British Columbia - One Month Down

Another month has gone by in the blink of an eye and just like that we’re staring down the beginning of June. The local coffee shops are filled with students cramming for exams and preparing for the next chapter of their lives – making decisions about where they want to work and live as they enter into adulthood. I remember those days well and if someone told me then that in 10 years I’d be leaving it all behind to live in an old Winnebago and travel the country, I would have cocked an eyebrow and said “you’ve gotta be shittin’ me”. But alas, here we are, 11,0000 miles and five months under our belt, parked in the middle of a lush green farm field surrounded by trees and sky-scraping cliffs on beautiful Vancouver Island. 

The month of May was spent ping-ponging around British Columbia. We spent time in the Okanagan Valley, day tripped in Kamloops and Salmon Arm, met a wonderful couple who are just starting out their classic Winnebago restoration and played many awesome shows in some of the coolest places. 

{Atop a cliff just outside of Vernon}

{Salmon Arm}

{Just outside of Chilliwack - our free, riverside camp site - where we stayed for a few days}

{On the shores of Lake Cowichan - a lovely little RV park}

 And while we love traveling around and have ever-changing daily views, June brings a new adventure of the stationary kind. Nestled on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island, down the twisty-turny Genoa Bay road lies Birds Eye Cove Farm. A picturesque, family-run farm – and our home for the next two months. We’ve got a regular gig here every week playing tunes at the barn for their wood-fired pizza nights (which also means we get to eat pizza for dinner twice a week - holla!). We played our first show on Monday and it was a blast.

We’re in the works of launching our brand new monthly newsletter and some new videos to share - if you haven’t signed up yet (and would like to) - you can do so through our Facebook page (sign-up link is at the top) or on our website. We’re also working on our fall tour which will having us heading back across the country and back to Ontario by the middle of October. We’d love to set up some house shows for November - holler at us if you’d like to host one (psst, their super fun). We're also organizing another tour through the US scheduled to start January 2017, we would love suggestions on where to go/what to see this time around...

Talk at'cha again soon,


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