New Mexico

New Mexico went by in a flash but not without staking a claim and stealing a piece of my heart. The landscape is stunning and mystical. The expansive turquoise skies stretch out forever until meeting the rolling, rusty, violet mountains. It’s nothing short of beautiful and I wish I could have that view every day. I told Brad that I want to buy land there and maybe one day it’ll be a part-time home.

We played our first show on Thursday night at High Desert Brewing - a small yet mighty brewery that opened in 1997 (way before hipsters and bearded brewers were running the show). The humble digs were comforting and reminded us of a small town bar in northern Ontario - we felt right at home. We played tunes, drank a bunch of beers and ate a giant basket of fried ravioli, fried zucchini, fried pickles and some fried mystery pieces – it was a real top drawer night! 

Friday morning we headed North into the mountains to Silver City, 5900 ft. up to be exact. We arrived early (mountain time is still effin’ up our internal clocks), ducked into a greasy spoon and treated ourselves to a hearty Mexican breakfast of Huevos Rancheros (the refried beans didn’t do us any favours once we climbed back inside the RV…). After breakfast we got caught up on some much needed laundry at the local washeteria - which was quite lovely and offered free wifi. Once our domestic chores were done we headed into the historic downtown area and set out on foot to explore. The downtown was awesome and I apologize for not taking any photos. The main street consisted of four or so blocks filled with thrift shops, cafes and art galleries - all very eclectic and unassuming. There were so many things that I wanted to buy but living in 23’ means thinking twice before impulse purchases. But man, what a cool town. The brewery that we played at was in the heart of the downtown in a giant old building (that we think used to be an old hotel). We had a big stage, an amazing crowd and the beer was flowing. We were two for two in New Mexico, or as Brad said “Batting 1000”.

We left New Mexico this morning (Sat) and breezed into Arizona, which is also stunning. We’re making our way to Tubac tomorrow for a few days of hiking and adventure seeking.

We’ll see you back here real soon.


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