We're hittin' the road!

Two years ago, Brad and I were sitting at a pub in Orillia and decided that we didn't want to do 'this' anymore. 'This' referring to our stationary life where we owned a rad guitar shop in a sleepy little town and played gigs within a few hours drive every weekend. After returning from Texas three years ago, something changed. A spark was lit and we knew we couldn't go back to a 'normal' life.

For two years we plugged away, getting all our ducks in a row - squirrling away cash, restoring the Winnie, sending out hundreds of emails to venues, applying for our musician visas and countless other tasks that needed to be checked off the list. While there are still many things to do before we leave, we finally have a date for liftoff and we're going.

Our Biscuits & Beans tour is a 4-month trek across the US starting in January - down the East coast, across the bottom and back up the West side. We'll be crossing back into Canada at the end of April and plan on parking it for a while in BC. I'm excited for the new view.

The first leg of tour dates are up on the website . If you've got connections in California, Oregon and Washington - holler at me yo!

Much more to come, including a tour of the Winnie-mobile.
Stay tuned folks!


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