tiny house base camp

Did you celebrate Canada Day yesterday? Did you eat strawberry shortcake and wave tiny paper flags while waiting for the small town parade? However you chose to do-it-up, I hope your day was grand. We spent most of the day hunkered down at our place. Went running, soldered some new cables and sat outside with snacks and beers - all of which was very patriotic. It's been on my mind for a while to snap some pics of our current camp, but what can I say, I've been easily sidetracked - until yesterday.
I guess these photographs are for my own memory than anything else. So here we are, our tiny house in the country...

Our tiny house is located at the back of a large farm. We overlook a giant pond (which is clean and great for swimming) and have more outdoor space than the dogs know what to do with.
The house itself is just shy of 600 sq/ft, but suits us perfectly. There are tons of windows that let the light shine in, and at night showcase the brilliant firefly displays. Life is good.

Hope you've got some fun plans for the weekend. We've got a gig on Friday night then we're heading over to the Mariposa Folk Festival to catch Lucinda William's show on Saturday night. In-between we'll be working on Miss Winnie to get her fixed up for our July 25th test run.

Cheers to the summer finally arriving, we'll see you soon!


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