And then there were two

Holy smokes you guys, the weeks are flying by! It's hard to believe that June is practically over and July is just around the corner. We've been crazy busy with gigs the past few months and heading into the summer there's no sign of stopping or slowing - if you're interested in catching a show, here's the list of where we'll be.

In other news, we bought another RV.... Sometimes things just happen, you know. We weren't actively looking for another but we've found that when such things present themselves you just have to jump.

Our new girl is identical to our old girl - they're both 1976 Winnebago Chieftains (bizarre huh!). Winnie #2 is in way better shape than Winnie #1, plus she's undergone some super-beneficial engine modifications (she's basically a Ferrari). We brought her home from Sudbury last Sunday (she migrated the northern highway like a champ - as briefly documented in the video above). She's currently parked outfront of our tiny cottage, and everytime I look the window I can't help but smile.

Work is progressing on her interior at a quick pace, and hopefully we'll have some progress updates for you in the coming weeks. We've set a test-run date for July 25th when we're playing at a festival and want to make a grand entrance in our sweet rig (and have a comfy place to camp after the show).

Stay tuned folks, we'll see ya soon!


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