It's a gripping life we lead

Another week has come and gone, and I’m still surprised at how fast they fly by. I was catching up on facebook yesterday and saw all your posts about the weather back home. Tons of snow and freezing temperatures, and down here, we were hunkered down inside Paul & Sue’s mobile with the air conditioning buzzing – yesterday was a warm one, 92°.

Last Friday night we had our gig at Jitterz Coffee Bar. Overall it was a successful night. Our neighbors and a few others from the park came out to support “the young Canadian kids”. We have been invited back again this Friday, so that’s where we’ll be – singing our Blue Rodeo cover tunes and cracking up the audience every time we say “eh”.

I wish I had more exciting news, but the truth of the matter is that I don’t, lol. We keep it pretty low key these days and have managed to fall into a fairly regular routine. Winnie usually has me up at 7:30am, and then I hit the computer to see if I’ve got any new work for the day (I’ve been lucky to have found a few freelance opportunities since we’ve been here). Brad usually rolls out of bed by 8:30am and starts breakfast – either oatmeal or gits. By 10:30-ish we lace up our sneakers and get a 5K run in (with Winnie in-tow), and we’re usually back at the trailer just at the heat really starts to set in. It’s at this time that some of the crucial decisions are made – sit by the pool with a beer or sit by the pool with a grapefruit fizz (my newest and most favorite-ist drink of choice – I feel a tutorial will be in the works soon).  The other possible option is to trek to the grocery store to stock up on supplies (ie. ice cream and/or beer). The afternoons move at a snails-pace due to the heat, and by 5:30-6pm we try and get dinner underway. Some nights we head out to listen to Paul’s band, other nights we stay in. It really is a gripping life.

The other afternoon, we decided to change things up and ventured to a local flea market. We gorged on fresh tacos and fried pie, scoped out some pretty sweet deals and managed to blend in with the visor-wearing, fanny-pack sporting Winter Texans.

This week we’re hoping to take a day-trip into Mexico and hopefully that will lead to an interesting story or two.

Hope you’re all keeping warm and well.



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