Weekend in Review: The Breakdown

The before...
The demo/remodel has begun.

Friday afternoon I left work and noon and headed over to Ikea to finalize our cabinet order. B met me there and we picked out a faucet. It's the stuff dreams are made of. At 5pm (five-fucking-o'clock) we were finally in our cars heading north (five-fucking-o'clock-leaving-the city-on-a-friday... after a shared plate of 20 meatballs, 2 pieces of almond torte, 2.5 coffees, 1 hotdog and 1 frozen yogurt - don't even get me started), and let me just state for the record that it wasn't our flaky inability to decide on cabinet door styles that held us up, but rather the inefficient Ikea workers.
Once we arrived home to our two-horse town we unloaded the very-packed CRV onto the porch and called it a day.

Saturday began with breakfast followed by a hasty little operation entitled kitchen-content-empty-and-hide-elsewhere. Then the real work begun. Cupboards were broken and busted apart. Drywall was torn down to reveal older plaster walls covered in wallpaper with coasters taped to them (?). At five o'clock we called it a day. But not the end-of-the-day, as in, time to relax. We were onto the next order of business for Saturday, entitled operation: rock show. B and I quickly threw together some dinner, pounded back a few cans of beer, then prettied ourselves up as best we could. By eight o'clock we were headed to Orillia for a gig. Finally at 2am we were back home and in bed. Good night.

I woke up Sunday morning at 7am, super tired but also super hungry. Unable to fall back asleep, I staggered downstairs and ate: 4 scoops of left-over black beans, 1 handful of tropical jelly beans, 1 container of yogurt and finally topped it off with 1 bowl of raw oats, all while sitting at the computer surfing the RV section of kijiji. At 9am B's dad arrived (B was still in bed) to begin the electrical re-wiring. At 7pm, B and I finally called it quits.

The contractor comes today. Hopefully the worse is over (but I'm not holding my breath).
Stay tuned for more updates in the land of kitchen reno.


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