The Plan

While we are still a ways away from packing up and heading out on 4 wheels, I thought I'd give you the low-down on what we're doing.

Our little house, that we bought almost 7 years ago, is going through some re-constructive surgery. The old gal's kitchen wasn't cutting it anymore with her dusty-rose formica counter tops and buckling lathe and plaster walls. In the next month she'll be outfitted with a fancy new Ikea kitchen and some new windows. Her one and only bathroom was completely gutted last fall – which was a wee bit of a challenge, since it was our one and only too. All of this is an effort to have her in tip-top shape come July, when we'll push the little "For Sale" sign into the lawn, and hope some kind-hearted folks will want to start a new life with her.

It is our plan, once the house is sold, to pack up and hit the road – hopefully in a sweet-ass 1970's Winnebago (although Beards better judgement of fuel-efficiency is weighing heavy on this decision). 
And that, in a nutshell is our plan. To say I'm excited/scared/nervous is the understatement of the century, but I think that if I didn't feel these things then something wouldn't be right. 

I've always been a "straight down the line" kind of girl. I worked all through college to support myself and finish with no student loans. I bought my first car and still managed to have enough in the bank for a down-payment on our first home. I never had the chance to be spontaneous or care-free – or maybe I just never allowed myself to be – but that's all about to change. 

So here I am, raising a pint to throwing caution to the wind and living for days that have no plan.


  1. GD Girl!!! Nummer one... "Y didn't ya tell me you were a bloggin'!"

    And two.... "You go girl! Pull out all the stops, gopher it!"

    I'm gonna catch up on all over the next few days.



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